Christianity and Kabbalah: 32 Enlightened Paths to Divine Wisdom

Introduction to Christianity and Kabbalah

Elias Rubenstein - Author Christianity and Kabbalah

by Elias Rubenstein

On a journey through the mystical corridors of spirituality, we delve into the confluence of Christianity and Kabbalah. This exploration reveals a sacred synthesis of ancient wisdom where esoteric teachings and divine revelations intertwine, offering seekers a path to greater truth and understanding.

The Kabbalah deals with laws that are hidden from exoteric science, both now and in the past. As long as the exoteric researcher is concerned with the outward illusions and analyzes only the superficial appearance, the true reality remains hidden to him. All too often, illusory knowledge, sometimes even illusory doctrine, is the result of such an approach. Kabbalah is attributed to Jewish sources. The knowledge we are talking about is ancient Рand the heritage of all humanity. Kabbalistic teachings are also found in the teachings of the New Testament of the Bible, as well as in mystical writings that are also available in Greek and Latin translations. The Kabbalah unlocks the code of the Bible and reveals a path to the realization of the providence that is offered. In orthodox circles, it is often believed that Kabbalah should only be accessible to a certain group of people, depending on their religious background.  This ancient knowledge, embodied within the teachings of Kabbalah, finds echoes in the mystical traditions of Christianity, where contemplative practices and symbolic interpretations seek the divine within.

Christianity and Kabbalah - Tree of Life - Briah
Tree of Life in mystical Christianity and Kabbalah

Receive the higher Wisdom

Only when the receiver is in tune with the particular vibration of this wisdom can the message be received. This attunement is like a radio being tuned to a channel. The student’s sensorium becomes receptive to a certain rate of vibration, to a certain frequency. There are thousands of frequencies, vibrations everywhere, but a radio can only play what it is tuned to. That is the only thing it will receive and transmit. Likewise, it is within the capacity of man to tune his vehicle to different vibrations. He can receive divine revelation. Cosmic wisdom is always there, it is present in the universe.

This also means that any wisdom that is experienced can be received. For the undeveloped human being, it seems that wisdom comes from within himself. But that would be like saying that the music on the radio comes from the radio itself. The actual revealer is different from the receiving instrument. The revelation of wisdom has its cause at a higher level. All impressions and experiences in life take place within a certain frequency. If you change the “transmitter,” the world changes. Although other options are already available, they remain out of reach because the transmitter is tuned to a different frequency. A poor person will experience poverty as long as his transmitter is tuned to poverty. He cannot imagine that wealth is already within his reach. As soon as he changes the channel, a different movie is playing on the stage of his life.

As soon as one is ready to receive higher wisdom, the realization may come through a book, an enlightening conversation, a lecture, or through meditation. This knowledge has always been present. One may own a particular book for years, but only when one is ready and open will that book act as a transmitter for the wisdom behind it. For example, one may have heard the same message in lectures for years, but only when one is ready and the receiver is attuned will one receive a particular insight. Thus, it is understandable that exoteric and scientific methods can only be used to experience and verify a limited vibration of reality. However, Kabbalah is an all-encompassing science that is divided into several branches. These are offered in different training systems, depending on which areas of Kabbalah the student is admitted to. The most secret aspect is the path of initiation. This secret teaching is kept secret because it is too powerful to be given to unprepared people.

Higher Levels of mystic Christianity and Kabbalah

The higher levels of the Kabbalah, such as the Hermetic Kabbalah, remain veiled. There are books on the magical Kabbalah, but these books are worthless. They were written by people who lacked the true connections. If they had the true connections, they would have knowledge of the comprehensive effect of some of these methods. Only when one has reached certain initiatory stages of consciousness does it make sense to use these Hermetic tools like mentioned in the Tabula Smaragdina. The initiatory path progresses step by step. The integration of Kabbalah and Christian mysticism illustrates a tapestry of spiritual insights, where the quest for understanding transcends the boundaries of individual religions. The inner workings of some of the instruments cause chaotic experiences in unprepared students. This can lead to the worst forms of mental confusion. There are many ways to study the teachings of this book. As the Kabbalah deciphers the hidden messages of the Bible, so too does Christianity offer a path to enlightenment, with its own mystics and sages drawing from the well of Kabbalistic wisdom. Therefore, it is advisable to give yourself plenty of time to do so. Considerably less is taught over the period of several years in an authentic Hermetic Kabbalistic schools like the Hermetic Academy.

(Modified excerpt from the Book: The Tree of Life- Kabbalah of Immortality by Dr. Elias Rubenstein)


In conclusion, the interwoven strands of Kabbalah and Christianity create a rich tapestry of spiritual enlightenment. As we contemplate their shared insights and mystical traditions, we recognize the universal quest for knowledge and the divine. It is in this sacred confluence that one may find the keys to unlocking the deeper mysteries of existence and the soul’s ultimate journey toward enlightenment.