Mysticism_EsotericismAlvin Boyd Kuhn – Prayer and Healing

Annie Besant – The Larger Consciousness

Antoine Fabre d’Olivet – Intellectual, Metaphysical Constitution of Man

Antoine Fabre d’Olivet – Man Is One of the Three Great Powers of the Universe – What the Other Two

Carl Gustav Jung – On Life after Death

Charles Webster Leadbeater – Life After Death

Edward Caleb Randall – The Dead Have Never Died

Esther Elizabeth Jones – Some Ideas on The Fourth Dimension

Eugene del Mar – KARMA – The Law of Freedom

Eugene Del Mar – The Law

Eugene Del Mar – The Spiritual Life

Florence Farr – Modern Woman: Her Intentions

Johannes Trithemius – De Septem Secundeis

Joseph Nolen – Reincarnation: What is the length of time between embodiments?

Julius A. Dresser – The true history of mental science

Lucille Varian – Realism

Manly Palmer Hall – The Faith of Islam

Michael Whitty – Immortality

Reginald Thomas Maitland Scott – The Dimensions

Rosa G.S. Abbott – The Uniform Soul of Cosmos

William Scott-Elliot – The Lost Lemuria

William Scott-Elliot – The Story of Atlantis

Rudolf Steiner – Life: The greater Guardian of the Threshold

Rudolf Steiner – Some Practical Aspects

Rudolf Steiner – Some Resoluts of Initiation

Rudolf Steiner – The Conditions of Esoteric Training

Rudolf Steiner – The Continuity of Consciousness

Rudolf Steiner – The Guardian of the Threshold

Rudolf Steiner – The Transformation of Dream Life

Rudolf Steiner – The Stages of Initiation

Rudolf Steiner – The Splitting of the Human Personality during Spiritual Training