The Turba Philosophorum

The Turba Philosophorum

(about 900 AD)

The Epistle of Arisleus, prefixed to the Words of the Sages, concerning the Purport of this Book, for the Benefit of Posterity, and the same being as here follows:-

Arisleus, begotten of Pythagoras, a disciple of the disciples by the grace of thrice great Hermes, learning from the seat of knowledge, unto all who come after wisheth health and mercy. I testify that my master, Pythagoras, the Italian, master of the wise and chief of the Prophets, had a greater gift of God and of Wisdom than was granted to any one after Hermes. Therefore he had a mind to assemble his disciples, who were now greatly increased, and had been constituted the chief persons throughout all regions for the discussion of this most precious Art, that their words might be a foundation for posterity. He then commanded Iximidrus, of highest council, to be the first speaker, who said:-



Part 1:  First Dictum to Fifteenth Dictum
Part 2:  Sixteenth Dictum to Thirtieth Dictum
Part 3:  Thirty-First Dictum to Forty-Fifth Dictum
Part 4:  Forty-Sixth Dictum to Sixtieth Dictum
Part 5:  Sixty-First Dictum to Seventy-Second Dictum