II – The Divine World



  • What is God?

God is THE BEING, one, simple, infinite and absolute.

  • Does the Being have a beginning and is he in a place?

No, the Being did not have a beginning, he is eternal and present everywhere; he is vast. Everything which exists is in him.

  • What is the Being essentially?

Above all, the Being is almighty; he is the potential being.

  • What is the Being secondarily?

Secondarily, the being is activity; he is the being in actuality.

  • How is the transition made from a potential Being to a Being in actuality?

The potential Being passes into actuality by becoming conscious of himself.

  • What is the word which we use to express the passage from the potential Being to the Being in actuality?

It is the word TO EMANATE. We say that the potential Being emanates the Being in actuality and that the Being in actuality is an emanation of the potential Being.

  • Are the potential Being and the Being in actuality two Beings?

No, they are only two aspects of the Being, but they form only one Being which is God.

  • Can there be more than one God?

No, because he is one and infinite; but there are three persons in him, that is why it is said that God is Trinity.

  • Is each one of these three persons a God?

Each person is a determination of the divine being, a role, a divine individual so that while each one is God, these three persons are only one God.

  • What are the three divine persons called?

The are called the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • What are the properties of the Father?

They are free and voluntary activity, the creation of beings and their attraction.

  • What are the properties of the Son?

They are the word, reason and intelligence.

  • What are the properties of the Holy Spirit?

They are love, life and unity.

  • What then is the Father?

The Father is none other than the Being in actuality, the first born of the potential Being, the first being; not The Being, but a being; he is the FATHER whereas the Being is the FIRST FATHER (propator).

  • What then is Christ?

Christ is the universal manifestation of intelligence, the vibratory movement which expresses the logos and which activates all beings.

  • What then is the Holy Spirit?

It is the force which produces a sort of current leaving the divine center of the universe to reach the borders of the physical world and from there to return to the divine centre.