III – The Spiritual World


  • Did the Father create all beings at once or does he create new ones every day?

The Father created a large number of beings at once, but not all possible beings; consequently he creates new ones every day.

  • What do we call all these beings which are not linked with each other?

All these beings not linked with each other are called Aether or Ether.

  • Are all these beings at the same degree of development at the same time?

No, according to their seniority some are more advanced than others in will, thought and awareness.

  • What do we call beings which have reached different stages of development?

They are called spirits, either elementary or complex.

  • Do the spirits have a sort of body?

Yes, the spirits have a very subtle ethereal body, which is also called spiritual or pneumatic.

  • Can the spirits appear to us?

Yes, the spirits can appear to us by materializing their subtle body and even become tangible.

  • Is the form in which the spirits appear to us always their true form?

No, this form is usually a borrowed form; their true form is unknown to us.

  • Are there many spirits?

Their number is immeasurable and they form within the universe a vast bright world which is called HEAVEN and of which the divine world occupies the centre.

  • How many categories are the spirits divided into?

Into three main categories: the elemental hierarchy, the hominal hierarchy and the angelic hierarchy.

  • What are the various categories of spirits and the place each one inhabits called?

They are given the name of Aeons.

  • In a world so vast and so ancient, made up of free spirits did nothing happen?

No, the spirits being free had the possibility of doing evil, and tradition teaches us that that indeed happened.

  • What does tradition teach us about the origin of evil?

It teaches us that certain heads of the angelic hierarchy refused to obey the laws which govern the pleroma; that they wanted to go over to degrees higher than their class without fulfilling the required conditions, which caused great disorder in the pleroma.

  • What was the result of this revolt of the angels?

This revolt brought about an appalling fight between the spirits and the legions of the rebellious spirits were disorganized and cast out of the pleroma into the darkness outside.

  • What was the name of the head of the rebellious spirits?

Tradition gives him several names. He is called ATHAMAS (fire); OPHIOMORPHOS (with the form of a serpent); THE GREAT SERPENT, THE GREAT ARROGANT ONE, LUCIFER, LUCIBEL, etc…

  • Who reorganized the pleroma?

A superior spirit of the children of God, whom we call the SAVIOUR, or THE STAR OF THE PLEROMA.

  • Is the spiritual world complete?

No, since the fall or CATABOLE of the rebellious spirits, the spiritual world has been incomplete as the spirits are missing from it which were cast into the darkness outside.