IV – The Hylic or Material World


  • In which region was the hylic or material world formed?

All around and at the end of the luminous pleroma under the form of immense clouds called original nebulae.

  • What were the original nebulae made of?

They were first of all made of incandescent gases of different natures, which represented vast furnaces.

  • What else were the original nebulae made of?

Of all the superior elementals, of all the spirits driven out of heaven and cast out into the darkness outside.

  • What do we call this mixture of all the fallen spirits?

It is called CHAOS.

  • Who is the head and the organizer of chaos?

It is ATHAMAS, the great serpent, who, because of his role as an organizer, is also called the DEMIURGE.

  • Did not Christ intervene in this work of the demiurge?

Yes, for nothing can be done without him.

  • How did our original nebulae become the world which we contemplate?

Each head of spirits lined up under his orders all his archons and elementals, and this army thus formed separated from the next by concentrating with it a portion of the gases of the nubula. Later, as a result of cooling, the spheres were formed, part liquid and part gas, which are called the planets, and such is the earth.

  • Who presided over the organization of earth?

It is the archon Satan or the prince of the powers of the air.

  • How many epochs can be distinguished in the formation of the earth?

The earth was formed as we see it in six epochs.

  • What characterizes these six epochs?

It is over these six epochs that the earth became as we see it today, covered with water, lichens, mosses, forests, animals and mammals of all kinds some of which, having become BIPEDS and BIMANOUS, completely resembled man.

  • What do we call the species of bimanous mammals which completely resembles man?

They are called the PRECURSORS of man; ANIMAL MAN, who was not endowed with either reason or speech, even though he was superior from the point of view of psychic faculties to all other animals.

  • What do Satan and the angels do?

They exert over us a fascinating action which gets us bogged down in matter and they set the elementals against us, with the aim of making difficulties for us.

  • Are there any good spirits on earth?

Yes, there are good spirits on earth who mix with the fallen spirits and with the elementals, but they can, when they please, go back up into the pleroma or come back down from it.

  • Are there any spirits specially responsible for taking care of us?

Yes, there are spirits who are responsible for taking care of us and protecting us; they are called GUARDIAN ANGELS.