V – Of Man


  • What is man?

Man is a spirit endowed with reason and with freedom combined with a soul and an animal body.

  • What is an animal?

It is a soul, ANIMA in Latin, combined with a body.

  • In what way does man differ from animals?

Man differs from animals in that he is endowed with innermost sense to the second power, freedom, moral conscience and reason, in a word with his spirit.

  • Where does the spirit of man come from?

The spirit of man is of celestial origin; he belongs to the hominal hierarchy of the children of God, and he came to earth to combine with the soul and the body of the ANTHROPOID PRECURSOR.

  • For what reason did the spirits of the hominal hierarchy come to incorporate on earth?

In order to perfect the soul of the precursor and to take him with them to the Pleroma.

  • What was the state of the first man on earth?

He received the full illumination of his soul through the light of the logos; he had the knowledge of God and of the world and he was fee from diseases, suffering and death.

  • What then was the end of man?

After having spent much time on earth, the original man underwent a series of metamorphoses which successively freed his spirit and his soul from his body, which became spiritualized as it dematerialized. The spirit of man then left the earth to return to heaven, taking with it the soul and the spiritualized or GLORIOUS body.

  • Was the aim achieved which the spirits set themselves in coming down to earth?

No; almost all those which came down failed. Tempted by the deceptive mirages of here below, they yielded to the impulses of the soul instead of remaining masters of them. From then on, the man according to the spirit became man according to the flesh. Original man was struck by a FALL.

  • What does the fall of man consist of?

The loss of almost all the faculties which he enjoyed in his original state. Man became almost an animal, and this fall was passed on to his descendants.

  • How was the fall of man perpetuated?

It was perpetuated by HEREDITY.

  • What is this hereditary form called which we bring as we are born?

It is called the original stain or ORIGINAL SIN.

  • Does not the original stain make us the slave of the earthly archon or Satan?

Yes, as a consequence of this hereditary fall, all men are born slaves of the earthly archon and of his legions.

  • What sufferings does the earthly archon make us undergo?

He makes us suffer from gravity, heat, cold, diseases, pain, death, reincarnations and successive lives.