VI – The Saviour Christ


  • What is Jesus?

Jesus is the greatest of great men who have appeared on earth to make humanity advance on the path of truth and good.

  • Where did Jesus come from?

Jesus was from Nazareth, a small town of Galilee.

  • What did Jesus of Nazareth do?

He taught pure and true gnosis and preached to the people the way to lead the holy and true life which leads to heaven.

  • What distinguished Jesus from other great men?

It is that he manifested the logos, the Christ to the highest degree possible.

  • At what age did Jesus become the home of the Christ on earth?

At the age of about thirty years.

  • Did the Christ remain in Jesus until his death?

No, Jesus having finished his role as organ of the logos, the source of spiritual light which was in him no longer had its raison d’etre on earth and he (the Christ) disappeared at the time of Jesus’ arrest.

  • When Jesus was crucified, the Christ was no longer in him?

No. That is why he was heard to shout: Aeon, Aeon, why have you abandoned me?

  • What was the mission of the Saviour Christ on the earth?

It was: 1. To deliver us from the slavery of the Archon and to reintegrate us to our original state; 2. To restore on earth the heavenly kingdom; 3. To bring us back to the spiritual pleroma, our homeland.

  • What did the Saviour Christ do to fulfil this mission?

He came to earth, lived our life, taught us what God is and what our world is, who we were, who we are and what we ought to be. He taught us the means of delivering ourselves, to reintegrate to our original state; finally he represented before us the drama of human life, to serve as a model to be imitated.

  • What did the Saviour Christ leave for us as he went back up to heaven?

He left us the HOLY SPIRIT, who having come own at the same time as the Christ, remains on earth and in us.

  • What is the role of the Holy Spirit on earth?

His role is to bring about in men a change, a regeneration, or CONVERSION, through repentance and sanctification; then to unite all the converted people who are on earth amongst themselves and with all the spirits which are in heaven, so as to restore the unity of the pleroma.

  • How is this unity expressed?

It is expressed by saying that all the members of the pleroma form only one single body of which the Saviour is the head, and other people are the organs, and that what benefits one of these organs benefits them all.

  • What is this unity called?

It is called the COMMUNION OF SAINTS.