VII – The Ascension of the Pleroma & the Dissolution of the Hylic World


  • What will happen on earth at the end of time?

The earthly kingdoms will be destroyed and man, filled more and more with the spirit of Christ, will reestablish the heavenly kingdom on earth.

  • In the heavenly kingdom, will man be reintegrated to his original state?

Yes, just as science will have found the means of subjecting all natural forces to it, so it will find the means of restoring to man’s body its original properties.

  • Will our relations with the invisible world be reestablished?

Yes, and we will be able to communicate with it in several ways.

  • What will be the relationships of humanity with the world of spirits?

Materializations or apparitions of spirits will occur more and more frequently and will remain, so that amongst the living, a large number of the dead will be seen.

  • Will the men who are living at that time die?

No, they will have found the way of changing death into a simple metamorphosis, as happened at the time of original man.

  • Will the heavenly kingdom last for ever?

No, but then we will be near to the time of the ascension of the pleroma.

  • What will characterize that time?

The coming of the Saviour, who will himself come to earth with his pneumatic body, accompanied by the saints who will have already returned to the pleroma, and by a multitude of angels.

  • Will those who then wish to repent return to the Pleroma?

No, the doors of light will then be closed for ever.

  • What will become of those converted or perfect?

All the perfect ones groups around the Saviour will rise with him and return to the pleroma which they came from.

  • What will then become of the hylic world?

It will dissolve and thus its existence will only have been an accident in limitless time.