XII – The Two Baptisms


  • What is the mystery of the baptism of water?

It is the mystery by which we are made Christians and become children of God again.

  • At what age is one likely to receive the baptism of water?

At the age of over ten years, and one has to have elementary religious instruction.

  • What are the effects of the baptism of water?

The baptism of water washes the outer stains from the soul of the sinner; it produces a certain change in the spirit which gives the means of becoming a new man, a perfect child of God, and prepares the receiving of the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

  • What does one undertake to do by the baptism of water?

One undertakes:

1. to renounce Satan, all his pomps and vanities and his works;

2. to believe in the mission of Christ the Saviour, to study and practice the doctrine which he taught;

3. to receive in the case of danger of dying the baptism of fire and water.

  • What is the mystery of the baptism of fire and wind?

It is that by which we are made perfect Christians and truly CHILDREN OF GOD, that is heavenly men.

  • What is this mystery also called?

It is called the CONSOLAMENTUM.

  • Is the consolamentum necessary for man to be absolutely delivered from the links of the earthly archon?

Yes, Christ the Saviour declared that without the baptism of water and wind nobody can enter the pleroma.

  • At what age can one receive the consolamentum?

At the age of over twenty at least. However, in a state of imminent death, it can be given before that age.

  • What are the effects of the baptism of fire and wind?

1. It remits all our sins and gives us the strength not to sin any more at least for a time;

2. It perfects in us the change produced by the baptism of water, by accentuating it and making it absolutely ineffaceable;

3. We become the temple of the Holy Spirit who passes on to us all his gifts;

4. By his effects we become complete or PERFECT Christians;

5. Finally, it once more unites the spirit of the follower to the angel originally committed to watch him and from whom he had been separated after his fall.