XIV – The Ineffable Mystery


  • What is the ineffable mystery?

It is the mystery which unites us in a very special way to Christ the Saviour and through him to all of the Pleroma.

  • How do we united ourselves to Christ the Saviour through this mystery?

By eating his blood and his pneumatic body under the appearance of bread and wine.

  • How can the pneumatic body and blood of Christ take on the appearance of bread and wine?

Through the phenomenon of TRANSELEMENTATION or TRANSUBSTANTIATION produced by the Holy Spirit.

  • Does the Holy Spirit really come onto the altar for the consecration?

Yes, with the prayer of the assembly and of the priest, he really comes onto the altar, and his presence is sometimes visible to certain people.

  • Does Christ the Saviour leave the pleroma to come onto the altar?

No, for he is at the same time in the pleroma and in all parts of the bread and wine, because of the vastness of his body.

  • Is Christ the Saviour whole under each of the appearances of bread and wine?

Yes, Christ is completely whole under each appearance because he is living in heaven and therefore indivisible. Only the appearances are divisible.

  • Is there only the substance of the body and blood of Christ the Saviour in the bread and wine?

There is also his soul, his spirit and his divinity. The whole Saviour is in the bread and wine.

  • What are the effects of the ineffable mystery?

The ineffable mystery remits all sins in all places and in all times; it keeps from sin indefinitely those who have received him as he should be received; it unites closely with Christ the Saviour and makes people participate in his kingdom which will have no end; finally is closely unites to all the spiritual pleroma.

  • Are we obliged to receive the sacrament of the ineffable?

Yes, for not to receive it would be to scorn the words of Christ the Saviour: “If you do not eat of my flesh and if you do not drink of my blood, you will have no more life in you.”

  • Must this sacrament be received often?

No, that is not necessary. Holy things must not be abused. But you must take communion on the days prescribed for the celebration of the Holy Mystery when one is present at this ceremony.

  • What happens to those who receive this mystery in an unworthy way?

According to the expression of Saint Paul, they eat and drink their own judgment and their own condemnation.