XV – The Mystery of the Pneumatic Unctions


  • What is the mystery of the pneumatic unctions?

It is a mystery the purpose of which is to sustain the strength OF THE SICK and to deliver them from their sickness or at least to relieve their sufferings.

  • To whom must this sacrament be given?

To all those who are sick or infirm, but not to those who are in danger of dying without being sick.

  • Why is that?

Because the mystery of pneumatic unction is the sacrament of the sick and not the sacrament of the dying.

  • Can one receive this mystery several times during the course of one sickness?

Yes, certainly.

  • What are the effects of the mystery of pneumatic unctions?

It remits sins; gives the strength to resist the temptations of the larvae and the elementals which take advantage of the weakness of the sick person to attack and tempt him, and to make him succumb morally and physically; finally, it delivers us from evil.

  • Should the pneumatic unctions dispense us from the care of the doctor?

No; the doctor takes care, but it is the Holy Spirit who heals in his position as principle of life in general. It is the same Holy Spirit who acts through the ministry of the doctor and through the ministry of the priest. Therefore neither of the two ministries should be scorned.

  • After the mystery of pneumatic unctions, is not the ineffable mystery also given to the sick person who is going to die?

Yes; after a sick person has received the pneumatic unction, when he is going to die, he is provided with heavenly bread and the drink of immortality.