Elias Rubenstein – The Power of the True and Visible Rosicrucian Order

The Power of the True and Visible Rosicrucian Order

The spiritual power of this true and invisible Rosicrucian order has caused a political and social revolution. Particularly in times of challenge, it has proven to be the tower of strength. This order keeps up the banner of freedom against tyranny, superstition as well as religious, political and social oppression. Admission to this holy society cannot be bequeathed or forced, since enlightenment only grants admittance. Those who become disloyal to the principles or forget the higher truth are blocking their way into the inner of the order. However, there are also external, visible organizations of such men and women. Those who themselves have found and traveled on the path to real self-awareness are willing to pass on their fruits of experiences and serve as signpost for all those who willing to be guided.

This holy society has existed since ever, from the first day of Creation when the Gods have pronounced the heavenly incarnation. Equally, it will exist further until the end of time. It is the society of those who are living in the spiritual light and have achieved immortality. This community is instructed directly by the divine wisdom choosing only such disciples who are utterly devoted to it. The Mysteries of this order comprises anything that may have ever been known about God, nature and human being. Any wise person who has ever existed has been taught directly or indirectly in that school. The disciples study just a book, the book of Nature in which the key to all secrets is held.

Those who are prepared and worthy to be admitted will be guided to this sanctuary by their intuition. Those lacking this intuition are still immature for this encounter. It is better to have a comparatively small number of capable members than a large number of those who are still unable to serve.