Harriet B. Case – Brotherhood








Harriet B. Case

Brotherhood is a word that is used very often and very freely, but what do we mean by it? Basically, it means the sending forth of good-will into life. If we persistently and consistently send forth good-will, we are acting as Brothers. We must have a deep desire to help our fellow men to reach their goal. The goal of all men, though they are not all conscious of it, is to realize the Soul’s ambition, which is to become one with God, one with the Will of God. We desire that through this feeling of good-will and clear vision that we may help our brother men to reach the goal of spiritual freedom and to become consciously aware of the inner unity of all life.

We know that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and the power of thought follows close in its footsteps. Therefore, as we ally ourselves mentally and spiritually with all those groups and individuals of good-will throughout the world, as well as the Invisible Brotherhood (working on the inner planes), in sending forth streams of love and light and good-will, we cannot help but touch and awaken the consciousness of men still mesmerized by the illusion of separateness that holds them in blind bondage.

The mass of mankind is ever putting up barriers of race, color, nationality, religion and class. He builds high towers of false and ignorant beliefs from which he looks down with superiority and contempt upon those others who are different from him. If we are to have peace, joy, and security on earth, this type of thought and feeling must be transmuted into tolerance and kindness and the desire that all shall share in the good things of life and that they shall meet with just treatment. Our Declaration of Independence promised “equal opportunity for all”.

Jesus said: “Ye shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and soul, and your neighbor as yourself”. “As”, not “like”, because He knew and was pointing out that your neighbor is yourself. He knew that all were in essence ONE with the Father. It is important that those of us who believe in the Brotherhood of Man should constantly practice good-will and try to align ourselves consciously with that inner group of advanced beings known as the Inner School, or Masters of the Wisdom, who are ever pouring their love and light and good-will out into the world to help lift Man to that point of conscious realization of who and what he really is – an eternal and spiritual being, a “Son of God”.

These Wise beings of the Inner School are eagerly seeking the cooperation of all of us who also desire to help in spreading more light and compassionate love, or in other words, good-will, throughout this dark planet.