Esther Elizabeth Jones – Some Ideas on The Fourth Dimension

Some Ideas on The Fourth Dimension

Esther Elizabeth Jones

In studying the “Fourth Dimension” I find two principal statements made in regard to it:

First: – That it is at right angles to all other dimensions; and
Second:– That an object viewed from the Fourth Dimension displays all its internal parts spread out before the eye of the beholder.

A being in a closed and locked room of the present known dimensions could only emerge therefrom by moving in a direction at right angles to the dimensions of that room. If there be such a dimension, it must permeate that room, or else the being cannot avail himself of it. In fact, it is admitted that other planes and states interpenetrate this plane.

Apply these statements to the self and see how logically they work out. The personal self is confined to its present plane or state of consciousness and even the windows are darkened so that the glory of the freedom beyond its walls cannot be seen. Yet rumors have reached to this plane of a plane having another dimension – the Kingdom of Heaven reached by movement (action) in a direction at right angles to all other dimensions (measurements).

What are the measurements of the natural man, the personal self, on this plane of consciousness? “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” “Love thy neighbor and hate thine enemy.” By moving in a direction at right angles from these measurements, namely “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, pray for them that persecute you,” you will reach the Fourth Dimensional World, the Kingdom of Heaven will be found, the Spiritual Self revealed.

The planes interpenetrate; we are really in that world and do not realize it. We are Fourth Dimensional (Spiritual) beings that refuse to claim our own, that will not be “born again.” We play with childish toys and do not believe in a happier state of consciousness. We argue that if we followed these rules of conduct we should not find them adequate for our present conditions, not understanding that our present conditions are the results of our attitude of mind and actions. Some of us think the door of death will admit us to that state but that is a false hope. If one has not conquered selfishness here, so called death will not automatically free one from personal limitations of understanding.

This material plane is said to be an illusion, because in our present state of consciousness we see the world of effects only. In other words, we are blind to the world of reality, the spiritual plane where cause is seen. Intellectually some of us know that we see only part of life since cause and effect are but two sides of one great whole. What we need is to remove our vision to the plane of God-consciousness from which the whole is visible.

On reaching the Kingdom the second statement will also be found to be a fact. Objects viewed from that lofty state of consciousness will lie before us with all their parts spread out to the spiritual sight of the soul. The personal self can be viewed with illumined sight and all the causes that made it what it is will be comprehended, the questions answered, the problems of its sorrows, its miseries, its stumbling, its blindness, solved.

Past, Present and Future merged into an eternal NOW. Reaching peace and understanding self, all other selves will be an open book and the Compassionate One will know to help all who are seeking that “narrow way,” “The Path that no fowl knoweth.”