Lucille Varian – Realism


Lucille Varian

The time is coming very soon when man will inquire into the knowledge of the world and determine that which is real, that which is, the Eternal. In the midst of illusion—by-paths which lead away from the source, man has been entangled within the meshes of a net so fine, so intricate, so closely woven that it has been a difficult task for the light to shine through and make known to him the difference between that which is real, and that which only seems so.

That which is real is that which lasts throughout all time.
That which is real, is the inner man, the spirit, through physical manifestation learning the lessons which the Great Directing Power has to teach in order that the soul may gain perfection.
That which is real, is the storehouse of experience which each soul is daily accumulating, gaining valuable instruction through this method of progress, making use of all for further development.
That which is real is the Invisible Power back of all physical manifestation.
That which is real is the Universal Law, unchangeable, forever rendering its just verdict, forever proclaiming truth.
That which is real stands alone, upon a rock—the foundation of which was before worlds were known.
That which is real is the Wisdom of the Ages, found in all philosophies, in all religions, among all peoples, the One Truth, tho’ many interpretations.
That which is real constitutes the Soul of Man, the Divine
Essence of which he is a part, becoming through spiritual and physical evolution a perfect being like unto Himself.
That which is real is constructive, a force for the betterment and advancement of humanity.
That which is real is all power for good, in thought, in words, in deed.
That which is real, is the Light that shines through the souls of men who are messengers of His Knowledge and Power. That which is real is the Universal Understanding, the consciousness which embraces all-wisdom, all knowledge, all truth, all power.That which is real is the Selflessness of those glorying in their role of being cooperators in the Great Plan.
That which is real, is Service in His name—the cup of cold water.
That which is real belongs to God, all attributes of Him, the Great Intelligence directing and guiding every force of the universe into perfect harmony and peace.
The Master Builder is giving to those who seek, the knowl edge of reality. Breaking through the blind doors of illusion, misunderstanding, the fake for the true, man is directing his evolution, becoming a master mind through conscious unfold- ment, with the single aim of constructiveness in all his thoughts, words and actions.
The way is open; the path is straight and narrow. Light surrounds the path, light and wisdom. For all who desire, for those who are beyond the tawdry, superficial display of life’s unrealities—for those who are awake, is the way made clear.
Distinguish for all time the real from the unreal, the true from the untrue.
Forms change—life is eternal. The physical body changes —every seven years you have a new one, but the spirit within can never change. It is the Real, the Eternal part of man.