Sake D. Meehan – To All Who Aspire to Wisdoms Plane

To All Who Aspire to Wisdoms Plane

Sake D. Meehan


At the day of universal illumination that is now dawning upon the earth, when men as a race have come forward into the realization of the new vibration and harmony reigns, marvellous changes will at once take place. Instantaneous healing of the flesh body will be no longer a doubtful miracle, but a matter of course. Having learned that many so-called indispensables of the present are no longer even beneficial, but quite the contrary, the demands of nature being no longer based upon the lower instincts of the bodily consciousness, but upon the wise and orderly counsel of the soul, many inequalities will disappear. The extravagances of the rich will appear silly and childish, and the poor will have within themselves the power to procure all they need.

That this will come about without great confusion, as readjustment is being made to meet the new conditions, is not to be expected, but the confusion will no longer appear menacing to peace and order. The lust and greed in human minds that breed riot and revolution will be so clearly exposed that even the most blinded will receive sight and come into the realization of their own injustice and cruelty.

To say that this day of fulfillment is near is no longer a vague prophecy, but a statement of fact. Apparently to outward sense chaos reigns over a large portion of the earth; men are still at war, and even in the nations farthest advanced in Christian culture, strife and threats of violence are on every hand. This is the final bitter struggle of the lower forces to retard the evolution of the race. In overcoming these forces on all planes, the progress made advances the race many degrees in truth consciousness, and it is the culminating effort, when men are fully aroused to their peril, that wins the battle.

As the time draws near for the great realization to burst upon die world, it is your definite task and appointed duty as an enlightened soul, to declare the coming of the Lord, the setting in of the new epoch in which the kingdom of heaven is disclosed to each man within his own soul. So long as the eyes of the people are turned outward to the visible, physical things of this world, and the struggle for possession of material for selfish ends goes on, the Coming is delayed. It is even now apparent to keen vision that the values of all material property are being upset, reversed, turned about, and that possession in fact is not possession in truth. To possess and rule the earth is truly the task appointed to man, but to possess the earth in truth is to have mastery in all things over the elements and the wealth of the world in natural resources, which, being blessed by divine understanding, will truly multiply, and the whole earth will blossom as the rose.

Materiality is gross and degraded only as it is misused, misunderstood, and its resources misapplied. The divine substance is ever the same, and materiality rises in the scale as man rises, being merely his atmosphere or environment, self-created and necessary for his progress and development On every plane in the constantly ascending spiral of life, man has for his use the properties he needs, and he learns to use these rightly before he moves on from round to round.

It is the clearly marked path for each and every one in wisdom’s plane to assist in the preparation for the Second Coming which is now here, by declaring the truth so far as it is understood or divined, and by bringing into action the powers discovered within himself in healing, demonstrating the power of the truth, and at all times leading men to acknowledge Him, in Whom is truth and power. Opportunity will not be withheld from one who is willing, obedient, faithful and kind. Constantly seeking His face, permitting nothing to come between the Source of the Divine Ray and its reflection in yourself, an unbroken vibration is established in which all things are possible to him that loves the Lord, abides within the Law.

The object of this writing is to awaken developed students and earnest seekers for truth everywhere to the actuality of their desire in FULFILLMENT at this time, AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT OF TIME, and to urge upon them the necessity for action. The needs of the world are so very great, and the effort being made on all planes so tremendous to meet this need, that every atom of truth consciousness added to the sum is multiplied in effect a thousand times and made available at once.


The desire of all enlightened souls is to heal and save others through imparting to them the divine Ray, or the disclosing to them of the presence of the Divine Guide and inspiring them to seek the Path of advancement for themselves. To successfully project our own truth consciousness, or vibration, for the healing of others, it is necessary to have reached a high degree of mastery in wisdom’s plane. In the consciousness of the higher planes is mastery of the elements of earth, air, fire and water. This mas tery is to be brought into use and service on the lower or outer planes, in a beneficial way, which includes raising the elementals, or the spirits of earth, air, fire and water, in consciousness, through their employment in the service of humanity, and also constitutes at all times a test of the intent and will of the master.

It is unwise and unsafe for any student or disciple to seek the so called higher planes, or the consciousness in which earth disappears and contact is made with the vibrations of the super sensuous realms, without long preparation and faithful practice of the will to wisdom. Only after becoming balanced in wis dom’s plane, with the forces of mind and soul conjoined in a very high vibration or degree of truth consciousness, is it possible to penetrate the super-sensuous planes of consciousness and retain and remember what is learned there. In any degree of advance ment less than poise, balance, control and equilibrium in wis dom’s plane, the student merely receives confused impressions through the senses in a lower vibration than the vibration of wisdom’s plane, which obscure the revelations sought, and freely made by hose who seek to extend every possible aid and encour agement to the seeker.

Approached in a reverent manner, in humility and obedience to the Law of Good, or the will of God, which is that all men may inherit eternal life, mastery is made possible on all planes of expression, by means of advancement in wisdom’s plane of con sciousness, or the universal consciousness of Good: that is to say, by the perfecting of the spiritual being in manifestation.

In this service, which is the service of the Law, or the office «f the initiated or anointed priests and kings in wisdom’s plane, is grave responsibility and corresponding reward. In the mas tery of the elements of earth is power over the affinities and com binations of these elements, to an extent determined only by the intent and purpose of the master. Wrong intent deprives him of privilege, since to will wrongly, or to the hurt of another, is to wjll without the will of God, or in transgression of the Law of Good, and hence, out of harmony with the Law, which is thereby impaired in expression, with resulting confusion and loss.

Willing within God’s will, or the Law of Good, or reflect ing truly the divine Light, service is rendered on all planes, and harmony is established.

The Law is harmony. When all the powers of being are conjoined in understanding, in mutual service to the Law, there is harmony on all planes. When the higher planes of being are sought without the foundation of the will to wisdom firmly laid, there is lack of balance, and control is impossible in any satis factory degree.

With due preparation by development of the spiritual will, or the will to wisdom, the higher, or super sensuous planes may be entered at will, the celestial guide being at all times present, and the truths imparted on those planes may be remembered and retained and put into practice.

It is the purpose of these writings to encourage the student to seek the knowledge of the higher, or freer, more spiritual planes of being, in the manner prescribed for his own advance ment, without fear or possibility of danger. Celestial magic, or the understanding of the heavenly order, or divine Law, being manifested in time and space, brings regeneration to the world. This is the mission of Christ, the anointed of God, or pure Be ing, which must be fulfilled in universal consciousness before the race of men may enter finally into the spiritual millenium. To advance His cause, to aid men to come quickly into realization, is the task appointed His ministers and instruments, who are now required to enter through discipleship into mastery, that the Law may be fulfilled.

In the establishment of the divine harmony upon earth, through good understanding in wisdom’s plane of consciousness, universally expressed, is the heavenly state, mortality’s present goal. As evolution proceeds, the process of unfoldment reveals new accomplishments, greater achievements and higher rewards. In the mastery of the elements of earth through spiritual per ception is the reward of man’s present endeavors, bringing him into the possession and use of his divine inheritance here and now, and crowning him with riches and honor.

(AZOTH 1920)