Elias Rubenstein – The Secret Knowledge of Mysteries

The Secret Knowledge of Mysteries

In fact, the mysteries are an entirely secret study. Longstanding, this occult knowledge has been carefully shielded from populace. Few have been favored by fortune to come into contact with the guardians of these invaluable treasures. The average man himself was and is still immature to learn this knowledge. If the guardians of the mysteries would offer these treasures an unprepared audience, then they would make themselves to the target of mockery and attacks, they would be misunderstood rather than being appreciated and respected as benefactors of mankind. These doctrines are revealed only to those who have proven their determination to dedicate themselves to such a degree by their lifestyles.


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Elias Rubenstein – The Power of Rituals

The student is prepared to receive the occult teachings only if the sigil of the mysteries has sealed his lips, and if he has overcome his own weaknesses and indiscretion. It is not possible to impart the occult science with all its secrets via written or oral instructions. Otherwise it would be possible to publish a handbook, which could be imparted the same way as school lessons.

There is a widespread mistaking that adepts deliberately keep their abilities shrouded in mystery or wish to keep it only for themselves and refuse passing it on. Once a student has reached the stage of enlightenment these mysteries are relevant to him. Only then the student is inwardly prepared and receptive to grasp the lessons. Until then, neither lectures nor discussions or books are suitable to impart this.

Meditation, study of sacred scripts, rituals, the pureness of thoughts and words as well as the deeds, the control of animal-like passions and the selfless motivation can lead to the coveted target under the supervision of an adept. The student is able to grow and learn only by practical trial and error. The initiator is not able to do much more than guiding the student inwardly by his compassion and higher consciousness and thus, enabling him to access the inner light. Thus, the initiator shoulders many inconveniences and suffering through and for his students. His service is to build a bridge to the student and thus, he aligns with the student.

Initiations, as found in the authentic inner teachings of both Western and Eastern spiritual traditions, stand as the most powerful tool for spiritual development and human evolution, offering profound insights and transformative experiences that guide individuals on their journey towards enlightenment.

Moreover, institutions like the Hermetic Academy, guardians of these initiatory traditions, play a crucial role in preserving and imparting the profound wisdom embedded within these spiritual education systems, thus enriching the journey towards enlightenment and personal transformation.