Franz Hartmann – Rosicrucian Symbols



Franz Hartmann


(From the work of Antonio Ginther. August Vindelicorum. 1741.)

Prænesis. A ship in the open sea, with a floating anchor, and a star shining overhead, with the inscription: Hac monstrante viam.
Emblema 1. An open book with the name MARIA, and a heart transfixed by a sword, with the inscription: Omnibus in omnibus.
2. A seven-headed monster threatened with a club. Inscription: In virtute tua.
3. A closed and sealed door with an angel attempting to open it. Inscription: Signatur ne perdatur.
4. A landscape representing an island. The sun rises and the stars shine. Inscription: Aurora ab lacrymis.
5. An orange tree bearing fruits, of which the inner part is sweet, while the rind is bitter. Inscription: Dulce amarum.
6. An altar with a fire upon it, in which a heart is burning, sending out a sweet odour. Inscription: In odorem suavitatis.
7. A pure white lily in a flower-pot, standing in a garden. Inscription: Virginei laus prima pudoris.
8. An angel separating wheat from chaff by means of a sieve. Inscription: Dimittit inanes.
9. A ring with a jewel exhibited upon a table. Inscription: Honori invincem.
10. A globe illuminated by the full moon. Inscription: Plena sibi et aliis.
11. Jacob’s ladder with seven steps, reaching from the earth up to heaven. Inscription: Descendendo ascendendo.
12. A sun-dial attached to the wall of a tower. Inscription: Altissimus obnumbrat.
13. The signs of the Zodiac, with the sun passing through the sign of the Virgin. Inscription: Jam mitius ardet.
14. A hen brooding in a stable, brooding over eggs. Inscription: Parit in alieno.
15. Two palm-trees, inclined towards each other. Inscription: Blando se pace salutant.
16. A grape-vine, cut from the trunk, is weeping. Inscription: Ut gaudeas mero.
17. A plant, representing a myrrh. Inscription: Amara sed salubris.
18. A painter’s easel, with a cloth ready for painting. Inscription: Qua forma placebit.
19. A heart transfixed by a sword. Inscription: Usque ad divisionem animæ.
20. Two doves pecking at each other. Inscription: Amat et castigat.
21. A passion flower. Inscription: Delectat et cruciat.
22. Wolves and sheep, eagles and bats, basking together in the sunshine. Inscription: Non possentibus offert.
23. A bird, sitting between thorns and thistles. Inscription: His ego sustentor.
24. Ivy winding around a dead tree. Inscription: Nec mors separavit.
25. Two hearts in a winepress. Inscription: Cogit in unum.
26. A crocodile shedding tears while eating a man. Inscription: Plorat et devorat.
27. Wolf devouring a sheep. Inscription: Non est qui redimat.
28. Tulips inclining toward the rising sun. Inscription: Languexit in umbra.
29. Two stringed musical instruments; a hand plays upon one. Inscription: Unam tetigis se sat est.
30. A white lily growing between thorns. Inscription: Transfixum suavius.
31. The prophet Jonah thrown into the raging sea. Inscription: Merger ne mergantur.
32. The setting sun and the evening star. Inscription: Sequitur deserta cadentem.
33. A cross with a snake wound around it. Inscription: Pharmacumnon venenum.
34. Eagle, rising towards the sun. Inscription: Ad te levavi oculos.
35. A squirrel standing upon a log, floating in the water and rowing. Inscription: Ne merger.
36. Light tower, illuminating the ocean. Inscription: Erantibus una micat.
37. Rock standing in a stormy sea. Inscription: Non commovebitur.
38. A diamond exposed upon a table. Inscription: In puritate pretium.
39. Grafting a tree. Inscription: Accipit in sua.
40. A man hanging upon a tree. Inscription: Non est hac tutior umbra.
41. A flock of sheep, each one bearing the letter T upon the forehead. Inscription: Non habet redargutionem.
42. Chandelier with seven lights. Inscription: Non extinguetur.
43. A solar eclipse. Inscription: Morientis sideris umbra.
44. The setting sun and a rainbow shedding tears. Inscription: Desinit in lacrymas.
45. Cypress blown at by winds coming from the four quarters of the world. Inscription: Concussio firmat.
46. Two hearts surrounded by thorns, with nails and a dagger. Inscription: Vulneratum vulnerat.
47. A heart transfixed by a sword and instruments of torture. Inscription: Superminet omnes.
48. Beehive, and bees flying around flowers. Inscription: Currit in odorem.
49. A chemical furnace with retorts, from which drops are falling. Inscription: Color elicit imbres.
50. A man sowing grain into furrows. Inscription: Ut surgat in ortum.
51. A cloth spread upon a field and sprinkled with water. Inscription: A lacrymis candor.
52. Ocean waves and a bird flying through the furrows of water. Inscription: Mersa non mergitur.
53. Noah’s dove with an olive branch. Inscription: Emergere nuntiat orbem.
54. Flying eagle carrying a lamb. Inscription: Tulit prædeam tartari.
55. Rain descending upon flowers. Inscription: Dulce refrigerium.
56. Plumb-line and level. Inscription: Recta a recto.
57. A hot iron upon an anvil. Inscription: Dum calet.
58. Solitary bird sitting in a cave. Inscription: Gemit dilectum suum.
59. Elephant drinking blood flowing from a grape. Inscription: Acuitur in prælium.
60. Bird escaping from a nest. Inscription: Ad sidera sursum.
61. Sunrise rays shining into a heart of adamant. Inscription: Intima lustrat.
62. A flying bird attached to a string. Inscription: Cupio dissolvi.
63. Two birds of Paradise flying upwards. Inscription: Innixo ascendit.
64. A triple crown made of silver, iron, and gold. Inscription: Curso completo.
65. The statue of Dagon thrown down and broken to pieces. A corpse. Inscription: Cui honorem honorem.
66. The Red Sea dividing for the passage of the Israelites. Inscription: Illue iter quo ostendum.
67. Labyrinth with a human figure therein. A hand extended from heaven holds a thread reaching down to the figure. Inscription: Hac duce tuta via est.
68. A camp. Among the tents is a standard bearing the image of a man. Inscription: Præsidium et decus.
69. A clock, whose finger points to the second hour. Inscription: Ultima secundo.
70. Ship at sea carrying a light. Fishes and birds are attracted by the glow. Inscription: Veniunt ad lucem.
Epilogus.—Noah’s ark in tranquil water. Inscription: Non mergitur, sed extollitur.