Franz Hartmann – The Duties of a Rosicrucian



Franz Hartmann

Those who are dead in the flesh will read the following with the external understanding; those who live in the spirit will see its internal meaning, and act accordingly.
The duties of a true Rosicrucian are:—
1. To alleviate suffering and to cure the sick without accepting any remuneration.
The medicine which they give is more valuable than gold; it is of an invisible kind, and can be had for nothing everywhere.
2. To adopt the style of their clothing to the costumes of the country wherein they reside for the time being.
The clothing of the spirit is the form which he inhabits, and must be adapted to the conditions of the planet whereon he resides.
p. 74
3. To meet once a year in a certain place.
Those who do not meet at that place, when their terrestrial career is over will have their names taken out of the book of life.
4. Each member has to select a proper person to be his successor.
Each man is himself the creator of that being whose personality he adopts on the next step on the ladder of evolution.
5. The letters R.C. are the emblem of the order.
Those who have truly entered the order will bear the marks upon their body, which cannot be mistaken by him who is capable of recognising them.
6. The existence of the Brotherhood is to be kept secret for one hundred years, beginning from the time when it was first established.
Nor will the “hundred years” be over until man has awakened to the consciousness of his own divine nature.