03 Chapter III

Chapter III – More Light on the Tarot Trumps

In the Appendix to “Q. B. L. or The Bride’s Reception” I have shown the possibility of arranging the Twenty-two Trumps of the Tarot on the Paths of the Tree of Life so that the Astrological Attributions are in perfect order, and I shall now trace out the Symbolism of the Cards themselves, and attempt to show that this arrangement is the Original one, long lost in the mists of antiquity.

The Diagram of the Tree of Life, with its attributions according to this re-arrangement, forms the basis of our present study.

Kether, The Crown of Light, is called AHIH or Eheieh which means Pure Being, that which Is, prior to “existence” or the “standing out” or “coming forth” of the manifested Universe. It is also call The Concealed of the Concealed, and the Supreme and Concealed One which is therefore AMOUN. In Egyptian the hieroglyphic is two feathers, which represent AA. From this we obtain the idea of The One First and the One Last, similar to Alpha and Omega. This sign also represents the inherent idea of possible duality, or the apparent duplication of the One. But again it may be translated IU and is therefore the Root of “The Ever Coming One” of a dual nature. From this idea sprang that of IU-PATER or Jupiter as the Father, and Io, the root of Jove or Jehovah, which also symbolizes the Number Ten, or the Ten Sephiroth inherent in the Being of the One.

Kether is also called the Sphere of the Primum Mobile, the First Whirling Motion. It represents the Living Substance; being potentially both Life and Substance in the Pure form of Light.

From Kether proceed the Ideas of the Father, Mother, and Holy Spirit or Son.

The First ray produced Yod, in Chokmah, the next He in Binah, and the third Vau in Tiphereth, and from this proceeded the final He, the Daughter, in Malkuth.

On the Path from Kether to Chokmah is the Tarot Trump called “The Wheel of Fortune,” the Key of Destiny which is one with the True Will, and also, some say, with Chance. This is the Card of Iu-Pater, Jupiter the Father, and it symbolizes the Great Wheel of Life; the Whirling Forces of the Primum Mobile, which resulted in a System of Revolving Orbs, the Star Universe or Sphere of the Zodiac, in Chokmah.

This Card depicts the Three Principles of Alchemy, Mercury, Sulphur, and Salt; the Three Gunas, Satva, Rajas and Tamas; the three forms of Force, Radiation,

Conduction and Convection; the States of Peace, Activity, and Sloth. These are symbolized by the Sphinx, Hermanubis and Typhon upon the rim of the

Wheel; while the “Centrum in Centri Trigono” is concealed within.

This Life Force is active in the One Substance, which becomes differentiated into the Four Elements as symbolized by the Four Cherubic Beasts at the Corners or the Card. Also this is the birth of Tetragrammaton, the Word of the Elements, coming into Existence, or Becoming, as shown by the Letters Yod, He, Vau, He on the Wheel. On this we also find the letters TARO or ROTA and the suggestion of the Beginning of Law as THORA.

This Ray of Light is the Essence of Wisdom, the Higher Will or Purpose of the Universe, and as the Star Universe this becomes apparent in Chokmah, the Sphere of the Zodiac, the Second Sephira. It is the root of the Jupiter-Amoun Tradition of the Fatherhood of God as a Supreme and Concealed Force, which on that account was little comprehended by those who accepted the Tradition of a Mother and Son, with the Son preceding the Father.

This Ray is the Essence of Light, but it becomes represented in Chokmah as Grey, a mixture of colors which partially concealed the Supreme Essence, thus causing the Root of Duality. From this Path cometh the Tradition of the Light as the Word or Logos, who was in the Beginning with God and who was God.

The Path from Kether to Binah is attributed to the Trump called “The Universe” corresponding to Saturn, Kronus, or Time. This represents the early tradition of SUT, who later became identified with Set or Satan. Here we have the beginning of the Tradition of the Fatherless Child and the Mother, the Sut-Typhonian Mystery, as we shall see more clearly later on.

The Card shows a Female Figure as the Mother of All Things, but this conceals a figure of Dual-Sex, or the Idea of the Two-Sexed Son, which afterwards became the Twin Horus, and later the Two figures Sut-Horus, as Darkness and Light, and the Two Horizons. The Ellipse shows the beginning of the Time Cycle, for Saturn or Kronus was the Devourer of his Children, the Hours. It also indicates how the Gods, the Tellers of Time, were to be born from the Elementaries or Elements, under which form the earliest ideas of the gods existed. The Card indicates the essential natures of the Four Elements in the Undifferentiated Substance from which they proceeded; or in the Womb of Time. The Four Beasts at the corners again show this clearly, and the Card itself is called “The Great One of the Night of Time.” In this Path “The Light shineth in Darkness but the Darkness comprehendeth it not,” for the Children of Time know not the mystery of the Here and Now.

This Card is the synthesis of the Elemental Forces; the Figure in the center directs the Positive and Negative Currents. It is attributed to Saturn and symbolizes the Influence from the Crown which resulted in the formation of the Sphere of Saturn or the Sephira Binah, the Great Mother. The early tradition connected the idea of the Great Mother with Typhon the Mother of Sut.

Binah is the Sphere of the Substance of all things, and it balances that of Chokmah wherein is concentrated the Life Force. Together they represent Living-Substance, the Father-Mother from which all proceeds.

Binah is also called The Great Sea. All is said to have been produced from Water brooded over by Spirit.

Uniting Chokmah and Binah we find the Path attributed to “The Star” and the Sign Aquarius. This Sign is Ruled by Saturn, and it will be noticed that it is connected with that Sphere. But it also represents the mystery of the Star Universe, which symbolism is derived from Chokmah.

The old G.D. Ritual (although attributing this card to the wrong Path, as in the old order) states: “This Key represents a Star with seven principal and fourteen secondary rays, altogether twenty-one, the number of the Divine Name AHIH. (Notice AHIH is the Divine Name of Kether immediately above.) In the Egyptian sense it is Sirius, the Dog-Star, the Star of Isis-Sothis. Around it are the seven planets. The nude figure is the symbol of Isis, Nepthys, and Hathoor. She is Aima, Binah, and Tebunah, the Great Supernal Mother Aima Elohim pouring upon Earth the Waters of Creation. In this Key she is completely unveiled. The two urns contain the influence of Chokmah and Binah. On the Right springs the Tree of Life, on the Left the Knowledge of Good and Evil, whereon the bird of Hermes alights, therefore the Key represents the restored world.”

This symbolism is so clear according to the Restored World Plan of the Paths that it would seem to need little comment. But there is much more that might be said.

The earliest calculation of Time centered in the revolution of the Serpent round the Dog Star. The First Mother is said to have given birth to the Seven Elementaries, who became the Seven Gods or Planetary Intelligences, the tellers of Time. I may go into this aspect more fully later on.

I have purposely made no mention of the Path from Kether to Tiphereth, as this will be better understood if we first deal with those from Chokmah to Tiphereth, and from Binah to Tiphereth.

According to the Tarot Keys these are “The Sun” and “The Devil”; the twins of Light and Darkness.

The Card of “The Sun” represents the Influence of Chokmah or the Star Universe upon Tiphereth. The old G.D. description may again be quoted, but how different it appears when the card is in its proper place. “The Sun has twelve principal rays which represent the Zodiac (Chokmah), these are divided into 36 Decanates, and again into seventy-two Quinaries. Thus the Sun itself embraces the whole Creation in its rays. The Seven Hebrew Yods falling through the Air refer to the Solar Influence descending. The Two Children, standing respectively upon Water and Earth, represent the Generating influence of both, brought into action by the Rays of the Sun. They are the two inferior and passive elements, as the Sun and Air above them are the superior and active elements of Fire and Air. Furthermore these two Children resemble the Sign of Gemini.”

Now, if we place the “Key” in position on its proper Path, glancing for a moment at the complete diagram of the Paths, we shall be able to draw some further conclusions.

The Sun, as a Star from the Sphere of Chokmah, is seen descending to take up his Office in Tiphereth, as the Son of the Father. The symbolism of the Sun shows the corrected division of Time according to the Precession of the Equinoxes, viz.: the Osirian calculation of the 365 ¼ days in the Year, instead of 365 according to the Sut-Typhonians whose calculations were made by the Dog-Star. Gerald Massey states “There is an Egyptian legend which relates how Osiris in the 365th year of his reign came from Nubia accompanied by Horus to chase the Sut-Typhonians out of Egypt. By this we may understand that the perfect Solar Year of 365 ¼ days was made to supersede the Sun and Sirius Year of 365 days. In the battle for supremacy Horus was aided by Taht, the Lord of the luni-solar reckonings.”

The two Children, or Twins, represent the twin theories, and also the Horus Twins, and the Two Traditions, which resolve themselves in Tiphereth.

Also the Wall of Red with its Blue Top represents the Barrier and the Waters of Death. The Path attributed to the Key “Death” is that from Chesed to Geburah, and it crosses this Path of “The Sun.” Again the Twins appear on the Path of Gemini, which runs from Tiphereth to Hod.

Rider’s Pack shows a different symbolism. The Sun and Wall appear as before, but the Twins are replaced by a Child on a White Horse. This is the Crowned Child, the Son of the Sun, who has overcome Death and is the ruler of this Aeon.

Chokmah is the Root of Fire and this Card is called “The Lord of the Fire of the World” showing the Sun as representative of the Star Universe while ruling the World or Malkuth the Tenth Sephira.

This is the Path of the Tradition of Light.

We may now examine the Path from Binah to Tiphereth which is represented by “The Devil” and the Sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn from whose Sphere it springs.

This Key is called “The Lord of the Gates of Matter, the Child of the Forces of Time,” and it represents the Birth of Matter from the Great Sea, or Mother, the One Substance. This is the Way of the Children of Time, Saturn or Kronus. It is the Path of the Tradition of Darkness, the twin-brother of Light, of Lucifer, the Satanic Saviour who Fell from Heaven. This gave birth to the idea of the Sun as the Devil or Satan, for it represents the Sun in his material aspect, the Red Disk of Atum.

The Key shows the Twins chained by Time, while those of the “Sun” Card are Free, since they receive the influence of the Divine Will from Chokmah. The Italian Pack clearly shows The Devil standing upon the Sun, and so does Levi. This is the Card of Ayin, the Eye. It represents the Eye doctrine rather than that of the Head or Heart. The Sut-Typhonian calculation of Time was incorrect in representing the Year by 365 days.

Notice in this card there is also a Wall, but the color symbolism is reversed. This again indicates the Wall of “Death” whose path this one crosses in the same manner as that of the Sun on the opposite side of the Tree.

This Path of “The Devil” represents the Sut-Typhonian tradition of Set or Satan, as its ruler was afterwards called. The Path of “The Sun” represents the tradition of the Jupiter-Ammonians with Horus as its ruler. Horus of the Star is the reconciler between them.

Both the traditions of Light and Darkness as opposed to each other sprang from the Primal Idea of the Pure Spiritual Light of The Ever Coming Son, IU, the Holy Child of Kether. So we may now examine the Path from Kether to Tiphereth, that of the Influence of the Supreme and Concealed Father of All becoming Manifested in the Son in whom Glory and Suffering are identical.

This, by Tarot, is the Card called “Judgment” attributed to the Letter SHIN, the true Fire of the Spirit, and the progenitor of the Sun behind the Sun. This is the equilibrated Triple Flame of the Supreme Godhead, the Winged Globe of the Three Supernals, the Head of the Staff of the Universal Mercury, the Absolute Reason of All Things.

The Influence of this Path causes the Dead to rise from their tombs in the Resurrection of the pure Spirit and the Regeneration of Matter. It passes through the Path of “The Star” as the Child of Chokmah and Binah which overcomes Death. It is the Path of the Ever-living One coming into Manifestation, it represents the Absolute and Universal Tradition of the Golden Age. “It is called the Card of Perpetual Intelligence because it regulateth the motions of the Sun and Moon (Tiphereth and Yesod) in their proper Order, each in an orbit convenient to it” (Sepher Yetzirah).

The Paths of “The Sun” and “Devil” merely suggest man’s attempts to discover the true Motions and Order of the Universe, and to translate them into Time. This Path actually regulates these motions, therefore suggests, perhaps, the true calculation of the Course of the whole Solar System round the invisible Center of All.

It is said in the Old G.D. Ritual: “This card is a glyph of the powers of fire. The Angel crowned with the Sun is Michael, the Ruler of the Solar Fire. The Serpents which leap in the Rainbow are symbols of the Fiery Seraphim. The Trumpet represents the influence of the Spirit descending upon Binah (this according to my opinion should be Tiphereth), the Banner and Cross refer to the rivers of Paradise.”

But in this Card we are able to trace the symbolism of the Divine Breath of Kether, not whispering the Work in Chokmah, but coming to us through the Trumpet of the Sun, ever proclaiming the Brightness of the Lord and Giver of Life to all men. And this Trumpet is the Horn that is exhalted for ever. The Path combines the Mysteries of the Death and Resurrection as shown in “The Sun”; and the Erection and Re-erection of “The Devil” with the Generation and Regeneration of the Spirit.

As shown in “Q. B. L.,” Shin represents the Roots of the Elements, the essences of Kether, Chokmah and Binah, concentrated in Tiphereth. It also represents “Number,” the first of the Three Creative Sepharim of the Sepher Yetzirah.

Having dealt with the most direct influences descending upon Tiphereth, and we must next consider the supporting Pillars and the indirect influences through Chesed and Geburah.

Let us take the Path from Chokmah to Chesed, and then follow the one from Chesed to Tiphereth, thus completing the Right side first.

The Key to the Influence between Chokmah and Chesed is called “Temperance” and is attributed to the Sign Sagittarius. A Figure is seen pouring fluid from one urn to another. It represents “Preservation,” as opposed to the “Destruction” of the Path of the “Blasted Tower” on the opposite side, while the equilibrated Path in the Center is that of “Creation” and “Regeneration” as before noticed.

Sagittarius is the Sign symbolized by the Archer who is half man, half horse. The Horse is said to be the gift to man of the Goddess of Wisdom, viz.: Chokmah. This Sign is Ruled by Jupiter and it receives the Influence of the Path of IU-PATER through Chokmah. It is also connected directly with the Sphere of Jupiter or Chesed. This gives us some indication of the dual-symbolism of the Forces of Life in the two Urns held by the figure on the Card. We may also glimpse some idea of the Ascending and Descending Arrows of the AA or IU. Again we have the ascent and descent of the Wheel of Life or Zodiac which revolves, so to speak, as Chokmah, between the two Jupiterial influences.

The Figure is clothed in Red and Blue, for Chokmah is the “Root of Fire” and Chesed the “Sphere of Water.” It stands on Water, or Chesed, but the Robe immediately above the Water is Red, for Sagittarius is a Fiery Sign.

In Rider’s Pack we actually see a “Path and a Sun” to the left of the Figure, just where the Path of the Sun comes in this arrangement. The Sign of Fire is on the Breast of the Figure, above which is faintly seen the Hebrew IHVH, the Word of the Father, Chokmah.

Chesed is the Sephira of Mercy (opposed to that of Severity, Geburah) and also that of Authority for it Transmits or reflects the Word of the Father or Logos.

The Path from Chesed to Tiphereth is that of “The Moon” by Tarot and is attributed to the Sign of Pisces, which in turn is Ruled by Jupiter. Through this Path came the Piscean Tradition of the Fish-God, another aspect of Horus as the Solar Deity or Son.

The Card itself is described in the old G.D. Ritual as follows (we should place the card in position on the Tree and study the symbolism carefully):

“It represents the Moon in its increase in the side of Gedulah (Chesed), it has sixteen principal and sixteen secondary rays. Four Hebrew Yods fall from it (4 = Chesed the representative of the Law of the Father). There are two Watchtowers, Two Dogs and a Crayfish. The Four Yods represent the letters of the Holy Name (transmitted from the breast of the Figure of Temperance). The Crayfish is emblem of the Sun (Tiphereth) below the horizon, as he ever is when the Moon is increasing above.”

As we shall see later the Path of the “Sun” is that of the Setting Sun. The Moon God was known as “Sin” whose word is restriction, and this has been characteristic of the Piscean Age just passed. The true tradition of the Sun became clouded in that age.

The Moon transmits some Light even if it is but a reflector of the Sun. The Word of Sin being Restriction, we may notice how the influence of “Preservation” became that of “Repression” which is but a partial understanding of the idea.

On the other hand, we should next study the Path from Binah to Geburah and then the one from Geburah to Tiphereth. These represent the opposite tradition of Over Indulgence, or “Destruction” through Waste of Life.

The Path from Binah, the Primal Mother, to Geburah the Sphere of Mars, is by Tarot “The Blasted Tower” and it is attributed to the Planet Mars. Here we see another aspect of Horus as the God of War and Vengeance.

The G.D. Ritual says: “It represents a Tower struck by a lightning flash proceeding from a rayed circle and terminating in a triangle. It is the Tower of Babel. The flash exactly forms the Astronomical Symbol of Mars. It is the power of the Triad (concentrated in Binah, 3) rushing down and destroying the Column of Darkness (the Pillar of Severity, also the Dark Tradition). The men falling from the Tower represent the fall of the Kings of Edom.”

“On the Right Hand side of the Tower is Light and the representation of the Tree of Life by Ten Circles, on the Left Hand is Darkness, and eleven Circles symbolizing the Qliphoth.”

Here the tradition of Light and Darkness is clearly indicated. The fall of the Tower of Babel resulted in the loss of the Universal Language, since when confusion has prevailed. The Sons of Darkness for a time retrogressed, while the followers of the Tradition of Light were advancing. This is the result of the Positive and Negative Currents from the “Path of Saturn” through Binah the Dark Sphere.

The influence of Mars, passing through Geburah, the Sphere of Mars and of Severity, is transmitted to Tiphereth by the Path of Aries, or “The Emperor.” Aries is Ruled by Mars and is the House of the Exaltation of the Sun. The Ram or Lamb was sacrificed as a substitute for Man, so this path represents “Substitution” as that of Pisces, on the opposite side, represents “Reflection.” Both are partial truths. This Path also transmits the “Personal Will” of Geburah to Tiphereth. When the Personal Will is substituted for the Divine or True Will trouble arises. In Tiphereth, The Heart, both the Personal and True Wills are harmonized, or apparently so.

Aries and Pisces are seen with the Sun, or Tiphereth, as reconciler between them, as in the beginning of the Great Cycle, with the Sun in His Natural place, unaffected by the Precession of the Equinoxes. In this position the Jupiter-Ammonian, and the Sut-Typhonian controversy is temporarily harmonized.

The Reciprocal Path from Chesed, Mercy, to Geburah, Severity, is that of “Death” the Great Transformer. The Sign Scorpio is its Yetziratic attribution, and this is Ruled by Mars the Destroyer. Death is both the enemy and the friend in one, for in truth there is no “death,” but only a “Change of Life.” The Card shows a Skeleton with a scythe, he is cutting down heads (one of which is crowned) but the “rise again” as soon as he passes over them, for the Influences of the Paths of “Resurrection,” “Regeneration,” and “Re-erection” all play upon this one. The Path of Shin, equilibrating Light and Darkness, rules over all, for this Path is that of the Influence of IU the Ever-coming Son, the true Horus whose appearance in Aries is as the Lamb, in Pisces as the Fish, or in the earlier Signs as The Lion, The Beetle, The Twins, or the Bull.

We have seen how the Influence of the Tradition of Light flows down into Tiphereth through two channels. The Paths of IU-PATER, Chokmah, and The Sun, and those of IU-PATER, Chokmah, Sagittarius, Chesed, and Pisces.

We have likewise traced the Tradition of Darkness through the Paths of Saturn, Binah and Capricorn, to Tiphereth; and also through Saturn, Binah, Mars, Geburah, and Aries, to the same Sphere.

The Universal Tradition which transcends both the Light and the Darkness, descends from Kether-Pure Being, by the Path of Shin or Spirit, through the Path of Aquarius, The Star of Hope, and that of Scorpio, Death and Despair, directly upon Tiphereth. This is the Line of Equilibrium between the Balanced Ideas of Good and Evil; Light and Darkness; Preservation and Destruction, etc. This is the Path of the Doctrine of the Heart, which unites with those of the Eye and the Head (Ayin and Resh) in Tiphereth the Sphere of the Heart, or the Son, wherein all things are Beautified and Harmonized.

It should be noticed that the Direct Influence of the Supernals upon Tiphereth comes from the Paths of Resh and Ayin uniting with those of Shin and Tzaddi. The Numerical Value of these Letters added to Tiphereth is 200 + 70 + 300 + 90 + 6 = 666, the Grand Scale Number of The Sun, and of the Beast or Man. Again, the Descending Triad of the Sephiroth Binah, Chokmah, Tiphereth is 326 the Numeration of ISHVH the Redeemer, the formula of the Descent of Shin into IHVH or of Spirit into Matter. 326 is also the Numeration of PARChVAL in the oldest form, which became PARZIVAL who is 418 in the New Aeon; thus connecting him with ABRAHADABRA, the Word of the Aeon, and the Reward of Ra-Hoor-Khuit; as will be more fully discussed later on. For the moment we should notice that The Beast, The Word of the Aeon, and Parzival are Harmonized in Tiphereth, as are all aspects of the Sun and the Son, although there may appear to be “division hither homeward.”

The Sephiroth and Paths so far taken into consideration, form the great Heavenly Hexagram, the Center of which is Spirit, although this central point is not indicated by any Sephira, but only by the Path of Shin. In the Tarot Key “The Judgment” this Invisible Breath of Spirit proceeds from the Mouth of the Trumpet in the Center of the Card.

If we examine this Hexagram, we notice that the Hebrew Letters on the Paths forming the Hexagon, are as follows: Kaph, Samek, Qoph, He, Pe, Tau: or 20+60+100+5+80+400 = 665 which is the number of BITh HRChM, meaning The Womb. This does represent The Womb of Creation, for these paths outline the Circle of the “Key of Life” or Ankh, upon which the Tree of Life is built.

We should notice also the peculiar arrangement of the Hexagram. There are four interior Paths, forming the bases of four similar Triangles. These Paths are those of “The Star,” “The Sun,” “Death” and “The Devil”. They may be said to symbolically represent the Sun in the Four Quarters. Thus, “The Devil,” although the basis of the Tradition of Darkness, represents the Rising Sun of the Eastern Horizon; for SUT is the “Opener” of the Day. This Dark Tradition gradually resulted in a Lurid Dawn. The Path of “The Sun” represents the Setting Sun, since the tradition of Light tended to become “Twilight.” This is the Path of Horus, Lord of the Western Horizon, who closed the Day. Together they are Sut-Horus the Twin Lion Gods. The Path of “The Star” represents the Sun of Midday, at its height; thus “The One Star in Sight” during the Day. This position of the Sun has been called AHATHOOR, and in the Tarot Card we see that Goddess. But AHA is also a title of Horus, as is HAR and HAR-MAKHU, which means Horus of the Star. This is his Name as Opener of the Year, and it is His Influence which descends through the Path of Shin, as the Sun behind the Sun.

The Path of “Death” represents the Sun of Midnight, in the Underworld.

There came a period in Egyptian tradition when Four Suts were recognized as those of the Four Quarters, these were then called the Children of TUM, the Setting Sun, who became ATUM, and afterwards ATUM-RA, the Solar Deity as Father of All Things. This was the period when the Supreme and Concealed Father had been entirely lost to the followers of the Tradition of Light, while the Doctrine of the Mother and Child as First Cause had fallen into disrepute as representing the Tradition of Darkness. The Influence of the Supreme still descended upon Tiphereth, the Sun, through IU, but was only recognized by the few followers of the Universal Tradition of the Golden Age. All these traditions became merged in Tiphereth and there Harmonized, though the result was not an absolutely true one. An attempt to establish the truth was made by Amenhatep IV, or King Khu-en-Aten, who revived Aten Worship in place of that of Atum Ra, or Amen Ra; but he was ahead of his time, and it remained for the Present Aeon to re-establish the truth, as we shall endeavor to show more clearly further on.

We may remark, however, that the Universal Mercury is said to be “All present in Heaven and in Hell” so that we find the Ideas of Lucifer or Satan as the Sun, blended with those of the Sun of Light, and the Sun of the Universe, in the Heart of Man. Also we may notice how the Higher Will comes down to Tiphereth from Chokmah, and the lower or personal will through Geburah. These are both blended in Tiphereth, the Heart.

The “Circle” of the “Key of Life” having been formed; now follows the “Cross” which completes the Ankh. But at this point we shall notice a “Passover” or Crossing over of the dual Currents, for the “Middle Pillar” is the Caduceus, and the twin-serpents, while knotted together in Tiphereth, cross and re-unite lower down. This is symbolized clearly by the Three Mother Letters of the Elements, or the Three Sepharim of Number, Writing, and Speech; as explained in Q. B. L.

These are Shin above Mem, above Aleph. We have already dealt with Shin as IU, which it symbolizes perfectly, since if we place the “I” inside the “U,” the letter Shin is formed. These are the letters of the Father and Son, who are united in Tiphereth.

Let us now trace the Currents as they “cross-over”. The Influence from the Path of Aries, joining Geburah and Tiphereth, passes through the latter and emerges as a channel from Tiphereth to Netzach. This in the Tarot is the Key called “Strength” and it is attributed to the Sign Leo which is Ruled by the Sun.

The Card shows a Woman closing (or opening) the mouth of a Lion. This is clearly the Woman of Venus, or Netzach, united with the Lion of the Sun or Tiphereth. The Ram, or Lamb (another form of Horus) has been sacrificed as a substitute, and passes through the Solar Fire at the “Passover.” In the City of the Sun it may truly be said that “The Lion lies down with the Lamb”; both are aspects of Horus, their paths are seen united in Tiphereth.

This Lion may be called “The Green Lion” where the Path meets Netzach (Emerald Green), and “The Red Lion” as he approaches the Sun. Again we find symbolism of the Twin Lions of Horus (as later they appear as the twin Sphinxes of the Charioteer). We see the “Strength” of Geburah, transmitted through the Ram and the Sun, to this Path, where its Animal Nature becomes subdued by the Pure Love of the Woman of Netzach. Thus the Dark tradition becomes purified through this process.

On the other hand, the Path from Chesed to Tiphereth (“The Moon” by Tarot, or Sign of Pisces) emerges from its Solar Bath, as the Path of “The Lovers” or Gemini, which unites Tiphereth with Hod. Gemini is Ruled by Mercury whose sphere is Hod. We may then trace the “Wisdom” from Chokmah, through paths of Light, as it flows into this reservoir of pure Reason, carrying with it the ideas of the “Pairs of Opposites” from “Temperance”, “The Moon” (with its twin towers), and “The Lovers” or Gemini.

This Key, “The Lovers”, depicts the Symbolism perfectly. The Card shows the Sun above the heads of the Figures, just as they are relatively to Tiphereth. Beneath it are the Twins, the same Children we saw in the path of “The Sun” transmitting the Tradition from Chokmah. They have overcome the illusion of the “Moon” with its restrictions. Cupid is seen with his Bow and Arrow (perhaps the Bow of the Moon and the Arrow of Sagittarius). Sometimes this card is shown as symbolizing a Man between two Women representing Virtue and Vice (so-called). He must learn to treat them both alike, and harmonize these ideas in the Light of Tiphereth, the Heart. This was a very necessary lesson for the followers of the White Tradition to learn, for the twilight had made their view narrow and restricted, therefore an elements of Sin (the Moon God) had entered, and the earlier Wisdom had been lost.

We may now consider the Influence of the Side Pillars. On the one hand we find “Justice” or Libra which is Ruled by Venus, bringing down the Mercy of Chesed to Netzach the Sphere of Venus. Here we see the Law of Love coming into operation under the Will of Chokmah, as it is written, “Love is the law, love under will”. Love needs to be Balanced in Netzach, thus avoiding extremes. Opposite to this Path is that which transmits the Strength of Geburah to the Sphere of Mercury or Hod. The Influence herein operative is that of “The Hermit” or Virgo, which is Ruled by Mercury. One must be reasonable in regard to one’s Virginity, but the Power of the Virgin is great.

Herein we find the Dark Tradition transformed into a wise Reserve or Secrecy. The Hermit merely conceals the Light in his Cloak, while he carries his Staff in his hand. This represents a better adjustment of the Life, which is the Substance of Light; the excess of the Path of the “Tower” is tempered down to a wise control. This refers also to the Control of Speech; the Tower was that of Babel, and its destruction caused the confusion of tongues, while here we see a re-adjustment as this path enters the Domain of Mercury, which contains the influence from Chokmah, the “Word” lost to the Dark Brothers for a time.

Few realize the secrets of the Tradition of the Widow’s son, and the Substitute, and the Lost Word, as depicted in this Left Hand side of the Tree.

Uniting the Sephiroth Netzach and Hod is the Path of “The Hierophant”, the Initiator into the Mysteries of Osiris the Bull. This Path is attributed to the Sign Taurus which is Ruled by Venus or Netzach. Venus and Mercury are herein united in a Wise and Initiated Love of a reciprocal nature. We see two Figures in this card, presided over by the Hierophant who is blessing them in the Sign of the Trinity.

There is yet another Path from Tiphereth to Yesod which crosses this one and influences it. This is the Path of “The Hanged Man” attributed to the Letter Mem, and the Element Water. It refers to “Writing” as the second Sepharim, and by means of Written Tradition have the true mysteries been transmitted, even thought the “writer” may never have been recognized or known to men.

Here we see a figure of a Man suspended by one foot from a gallows, his head and arms forming a triangle, above which his legs form a cross. He is the Sun of the Sun, bringing down the Light as far as Yesod, the Subconscious Mind of Humanity. His body is reversed, as if reflected in the Waters, his Head is surrounded by Glory, the reflection of Tiphereth and Kether. His Head is thus in Yesod, the Sphere of the Moon which reflects the Sun upon the Earth, or Malkuth. The shape of the Figure in Rider’s Pack perfectly symbolizes this position on the Tree.

His is the power of the Redeeming Love, usually considered as self-sacrifice, but more truly representing the Justified One, who says: “This is my body which I destroy, in order that it may be renewed.” The Mysteries of the Rose Cross are transmitted through this Channel, the Initiation being attended to by “The Hierophant”. Two other Paths exert their influence directly on Yesod, the Foundation, or Sphere of the Moon; one leading from Netzach, and the other from Hod. The Coils of the Twin Serpents fold back again here, the Current having absorbed the influences of the Paths of the Side Pillars through these two Sephiroth.

The Path from Netzach to Yesod continues the Influence from the Path of Leo united with that of Libra. By Tarot it is “The Chariot” which is attributed to the Sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon (Yesod). This is a very important card indeed. The Hebrew letter attributed to it is “Cheth” which is 418 the number of the Word of the Aeon ABRAHADABRA. The Charioteer is one aspect of the Lord of the Aeon, and he is in a certain sense the Initiator, for in this age the Influence of the Constellation of Taurus comes to use through the Sign Cancer according to the Precessional. He has harnessed the Black and White Sphinxes, the Traditions of Darkness and Light, and he uses them to draw his Chariot. He is under the Starry Canopy of Love. He is the Child of the Powers of the Waters, for he has descended by devious channels from the Great Sea; he is also the Lord of the Triumph of Light in its higher sense. He has the Strength of the “Lion” and the balance of “Justice” combined with the Power of Love.

Dual Moons are shown on his shoulders, for, as Cancer, he is closely connected with The Moon. The Lingam-Yoni and Winged Globe appear on his cubical Chariot which represents “The Foundation” or Yesod.

Opposite to him on the Tree is the Path from Hod to Yesod, that of “The High Priestess” or “Priestess of the Silver Star”. This is attributed to “The Moon” with which Sphere it unites. This is the Channel of the Serpent of Light winding back from Hod and bringing with it the Influence of the Paths of Gemini and Virgo.

The High Priestess knows the secret powers of the “Lovers” and of the “Virgin”. These she has under control in the same sense that the Charioteer controls the Sphinxes. She is truly his Counterpart. On her Lap is The book of the Law, the lost Thora of the Wheel of the Tarot, transmitted so wonderfully from the Path of IU-Pater through Chokmah, “The Sun”, Tiphereth, “The Lovers”, and Hod. Note that the Descent of this Law upon Tiphereth through Chokmah, was by the Paths of Kaph (20) and Resh (200) and that Liber CCXX is the Book of the Law; also that from Tiphereth, which is 6; representative of the Father 10 and the Mother 5 (as Wisdom and Understanding or IH) which make 15 and again through addition 6; it passed into the path of Zain (The Sword) 7 and to Hod 8, thus 15 = 6 and through Gimel 3 (6 + 3 = 9) to Yesod 9, where it entered the Subconscious Mind of Humanity as a seed of the Aeon.

The “Priestess of the Silver Star” is the Pure Influence of the Higher Self on the Subconscious Mind, transmitting the secret of the Star Universe and of the Silver Star. She is the Initiator into the Mysteries of Nuit, as “The Charioteer” indicates those of Hadit.

Our work, so far, has led us to an understanding of how the Universal Tradition has been imbedded in the Subconscious Mind of Humanity; built into its very Foundation and Substance. It is our Great and Glorious Heritage from the Past, made up from the Universal experience of the Race. But all men are not yet aware of this. It is still “Unconscious” in most.

Now we come to the final stages of our Journey, wherein these ideas are Manifested on the Material Plane. Malkuth, The Kingdom, is the Sphere of the Elements, and is saturated with the subtle influences, whereby the Fallen Daughter may become the Mother and bring forth Man as the Crowned Child of the Aeon.

The Path from Hod to Malkuth is by Tarot “The Magician” attributed to Mercury. This is the Wisdom and Will of the Father in Heaven brought down to the Kingdom of Earth. (Have we not prayed “Thy Will be done on Earth as it is done in Heaven” and has it not been answered “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”). The Magician controls the Elements by means of his Four Elementary Weapons under the Direction of the Higher Will, as shown in the Card by the Wand, the Cup, the Sword, and the Pentacle. His is the Path of the Magic of Light and of Occultism. He is then the representative of the Great Father upon Earth, and his influence is within every father who realizes that he is a star.

The Path from Netzach to Malkuth is that of the “Empress” and of Venus. She represents the Love which regenerates the Kingdom when properly understood. The key shows her crowned with the Diadem of Stars. She Transmits the Understanding of the Great Mother. (So long misunderstood and thought of as the unmated and despised Woman of the Dark Sphere). Hers is the Path of Mysticism and Devotion, and of those who would be absorbed in the Absolute. She Represents the Great Mother upon Earth and is the Influence within every mother who knows Herself to be a Star.

Thus is this Kingdom supplied with Wisdom and Love, and lastly with Power, for we must finally consider the Path from Yesod to Malkuth, that of the “Pure Fool”, and the All-Wandering Air, the Reconciler in all things. This is the Path of the Crowned Child of the Spirit who is in the Heart of all Humanity when he is brought to birth upon the Earth. This is the Path of those who follow neither the way of Magick nor of Mysticism, but the “Way of the Tao”. These are the Masters of both Will and Love for they UNCONSCIOUSLY do the Work of the Father. Just as a Child naturally rules over his parents and is able to obtain his slightest desire, without effort, so must all Serve the Crowned Child the Lord of the Aeon.

This Path transmits the Universal Tradition of the Central Pillar-the Pillar of Mildness and Peace. This is the Pathway of the Light to be discovered amid the contending forces and the darkness of matter. This Path of the Holy Spirit of the Sun behind the Sun is that of the Letter Aleph. In it the two A’s of the Beginning have become One. It is the Path of Air, the third Sepharim, or of Speech. But this is the Power of Speech in the Silence, of Harpocrates hidden within Horus. It is also the true Power, as it is written;

Unity uttermost showed,
I adore the Might of Thy Breath,
Supreme and Terrible God
Who makest the Gods and Death
To tremble before Thee,
I, I adore Thee.

This is the Path of IU, Horus-Harpocrates, the Ever Coming One, and of Har-Machis, Horus of the Star, the Opener of the Ways of Eternity. This is the Path of the Here and Now, transcending those of Time and Space. This is the Path of Truth, which Is Now, as It Was in the Beginning, and Ever Shall Be, MALKUTH without End. AUMN.