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Mystic Anatomy






Theodor Reuss

Any student who desires to study Hermetic Science must have, not only, a thorough knowledge of ordinary Anatomy, he must also be able to apply his knowledge of ordinary medical science to the requirements of Hermetic Physiology in order to understand the Finer Forces of Nature which alone will enable him to realise what Mystic Anatomy is. The Doctrines of the most prominent Mystics who most of them either were Medical Men or practised Medical Art, like Paracelsus, Van Helmont, Albertus Magnus, Cornelius Agrippa, Postellus, Cardan, Robertas de Fluctibus, Mesmer and others, are that the Moon is allpowerful in certain senses. The mystic passage of the child in the mother’s womb is marked by distinct stages during the 9 lunar months through which the child passes on to its birth. The influence of the moon is of feminine character. These influences are operating upon the nervus sympathicus, sensitive nerves, and the heart, the nervus Vagus.

The nervus Vagus arises in the Fourth Ventricle. It forms before it leaves the skull an important ganglion ingulare, after leaving the skull it spreads like a river into a long stretched plexus Nodosus, or ganglion cervicale vagus. Thence it runs along both sides of the carotic arteries and close to the Sympathetic Nerve behind the bronchial pipe and along the oesophagus to the epigastric cavity and pelvic region. In its course it closely intermingles with the Nervus Sympathicus and the whole sympathetic system.

Having thus much established at the hand of Ordinary Anatomy, we may now consider the mystic physiology of the human being (male and female) and the RATIONALE (celestial, hermetic, or otherwise) of the methods and the motives and purposes of GENERATION. Generation is a “MIRACLE”! And a Miracle is always DIVINE, no matter what aspect it may assume in the limited view of Men! The ACT which lies at the base of, and in its consumation constitutes Generation, has been branded by misguided zelots as an act of sin, and has been explained as a supposed consequence of the imaginary Fall of Adam and Eve and connected with the Fall of the Angels! In fact it has been held up as an Act of Shame! But the Ancient Masters of Hermetic Science who explored the wonders of the natural world and the wonders and mysteries of the supersensual world, these supposed Black Magicians, prayed down in the very depths of their abasement and humility before the “IDEA of GOD”, rising thus into Sainthood, looked upon Nature and ALL its DEMONSTRATIONS, and materialisations of the super-sensual, with very different eyes from the ordinary man and philosopher. They were enabled in a spiritual way, to penetrate to the tru th of the real meaning of the Original Fall o the Angels, of the Original Fall of Adam and Eve.

The Masters of Hermetic Science hold that it is possible, by the right application of the meaning of “Original Sin” and “Fall of Angels” to arrest in magic art, i.e. Sex Magic, the Supernatural S.E.E.D.S. operating in every, and through every being, for purposes of understanding “GOD ITSELF” and “UNITING WITH GODHEAD”. This is called the great act of Transmutation of the Reproductive Energy. This Great Mystery is also embodied in the Eucharist of the Churches. It is a Hermetic Mystery. It is a Blind! Blinds are used by the Church and by Hermetic Science. No Hermetic Truth, entirely unveiled, is ever printed, or given out publicly.

With this clear underianding before us we now proceed to give a definition of those Finer Forces of Nature which will lead us to understand what Mystic Anatomy is. Hermetic Science teaches us that the Sympathetic Nerve System is Shiva Vina (also Kali’s Vina) i.e. Generative God’s String Instrument. This is symbolically represented as a harp. The Sympathicus is played on by the Tantrikas, the writings of Sakti, or worship of female energy. The Nerve Fibres or Cords are called in Eastern Hermetic Science Nadis. The principal 3 Nadis are

a) Shushuma in central canal of spinal cord and medulla oblongata.
b) Ida to the left of Shushuma.
c) Pingala to the right of Shushuma.

These Nadis start from Ajna Lotus (Triveni Plexus) and they join on a point between the eyebrows over the nose. The Ida is negative and corresponds to the MOON, and Pingala is positive and corresponds to the SUN. Ida leaves by the left nostril and Pingala by the right one. Besides the above mentioned 3 most important Nadis, there are others. The whole of the 14 Nadis are: Shushuma, Pingala, Ida, Gandhari, Hasti-jihvica, Kuhu (generative), Sarawasti, Pusa, Sankhini, Payaswini, Varuni, Alumbusa, Viskwodan “and Yasaswini. Chitta is the principle of thinking.

The Eastern Hermetic name for Nerve Plexus is “Lotus” The Lotuses are the Psychic Centres of the Body, within which force and life-energy are stored up. There are 42 Lotuses of which 7 are of special value and importance for practical purposes:

1) Mudladhar Lotus, wherein is the “Coiled-up-one” the Kundalini Nadi at base of Shushuma in the Sacral Plexus. It is the dormant or sleeping power of Supreme life. It embraces the 3 channels or cords, Ida, Pingala and Shushuma, or MOON, SUN and FIRE, or NEGATIVE, POSITIVE and the UNION of BOTH. and its RESULT. Solar Plexus. Coeliacus. Gods Instrument. It is known as the “Fundamental Lotus” or the “Base of Life”! The energy which surrounds this Lotus is the Seed of Love, and’the whole combination is called Mudladhar Lotus which has 4 petals.
2) Swadkisthan Lotus has 6 petals.
3) Manipur Lotus has 10 petals. It is situated under the navel.
4) Anahat Lotus with 12 petals (Fibres) is in the heart. Within this Lotus dwells the flame Van-Linga!
5) Vishudda Lotus has 16 petals.
6) Ajna Lotus between the eyes on bridge of nose, it has 2 petals. The Shushuma passes up from the Sacral Plexus througth the Spinal Cord, to the right side of Ajna Lotus (Pingala) and from there it passes to the left of Ajna Lotus (Ida). Pingala comes from the left side of Ajna Lotus and goes to the right side of the nostril.
7) Sakasrar Lotus, the 1000 petalled Lotus, is at the base of palate.

HA is MOON or Ida; THA is SUN or Pingala; HA-THA is UNION of Prana and Apana under the navel. Hence Ha-Tha-Yoga. He-She-Union or Coition. Prana goes from heart downwards, Apana goes from anus upwards. From what above has been stated about the Hermetic or Mystic Value of the Sympathetic Nerve System, is shown that the Sympathetic Nerve System, of which School Science knows so very little, forms the bridge which connects the gross and material conception of the human Body (Microcosmos) with the higher and hidden or esoteric and hermetic conception of the Finer Forces of Human Natur. And like in Microcosmos, so in Macrocosmos!

In Macrocosmos we find then (esoterically or hermetically speaking) Seven Forces, or Seven Centres of Forces. Whether it be 7 Lokas (spheres of existence in eternity, or 7 Tattvas (the reasons of existence: I am I) or the whole chain of Seven. Or whether they be Macro-Kosmic Forces, or the Micro-Kosmic, Forces, they always stand in same order and relations. The Seven Tattvas are: Adi Tattva, the primordial universal force issuing at the beginning of manifestation, or of the “Procreative” period from the eternal immutable SAT, the substratum of ALL. It corresponds with the Auric Egg, which surrounds every Globe, as every Man. It is the Force proceeding from the First or Unmanifested Logos! Equivalent of SUN! Father!

Anupadaka Tattva, the first differentiation on the plane of being, the parentless, the God Brahma born without father or mother, sprung from that grows from Vishnu’s navel. Equivalent of MOON. Logos Son! Sohn! Akasha Tattva, this is from which all religions start: Jupiter, Indra, Pater Ether, Pneuma, or the Manifested Logos, and the biblical Holy Ghost! Heilige Geist! Its equivalent is Saturnus.

Vayu Tattva, Aerial plane; Tajias Tattva, plane of our atmosphere; Apas Tattva, liquid substance of Water; Prithvi Tattva, solid substance of earth. These last four correspond to the Four Elements. Vayus corresponds to Air and Jupiter; Ajna (Agni) corresponds to Fire and Mars; Apas corresponds to Water and Venus; Prithvi corresponds to Earth and Mercury.

According to Mystic Anatomy Akasha Tattva is located in the Brain; Tayas Tattva in the Shoulder, Vayus Tattva in the Navel; Apas Tattva in the knee; Prithvi Tattva in, sole of Feet. Further in Mystic Anatomy: Spleen corresponds to Linga Sharira, Liver corresponds to Kama, Heart corresponds to Prana, Corpora Quadrigemina corresponds to Kama-Manas, Pituitary Body corresponds to Manas Antakarana, Pineal Gland corresponds to Manas, and when this is touched by Kundalini, it becomes Buddhi Manas or Divine Thought.

Of special importance in Mystic Anatomy is the Pituitary Body at the base of the brain. This Pituitary Body or Hypophysis Cerebri, is connected with the Pineal Gland or Conarium. Both the Hypophysis Cerebri and the Conarium are covered with a grey sand which is called Acervulus Cerebri. This sand, of which the School Physiologists know nothing to say, is found in Man only after he, or she is 7 years of age.

This sand is of the greatest mystic importance. It is connected with the production of SAT, the ultimate Essence of Everything. It stands in relationship to the Central Organ of ALL FLUIDS, the W.O.M.B., and in the womb is PRANA the Great Architect of the child. PRANA is also in the air, and is absorbed by all created living beings.

Without Prana everything would die. Prana is in the air, but it is also there where air is not able to penetrate. It is independent of air while air is dependent on Prana. Prana is born from the Atma (Atem Gottes). It arises in the Atma like the shadow in the body. We absorb the Prana of the air in every breath we take.

But we can train our breathing to absorb, inhale, a greater quantity of Prana than is ordinarily required for our daily life. Arid this Surplus-Prana we are able to store in our Nerve-Centres, Lotuses or Plexus, until such time as we may require it again for special use. This function can be compared to the STORING of materialistic electricity in a Leyden Jar. Through this self-willed, conscious accumulation of SURPLUS PRANA in our body, the physical body developes forces which previously lay dormant in him. Persons who have by accumulation of Surplus Praina developed such special Forces by special intellectual training may become able to transfer, exhale, disseminate, pass on (part) of their own stored up Prana to Others!